Health Records & Information Department is a crucial part of a hospital that is open 24 hours and it mainly stores records of the patients who have been either treated in the OPD (Out Patient Department), IPD (Inpatient Patient Department) or Emergency/Casualty Unit of the hospital. It is the whole soul of any information of any patient who is seen at the hospital. The department retrieves any previous medical records in case of damage or loss, or for further treatment/opinion and by the medical practitioners to study various diseases and recovery from them and also for research purposes. The medical records department also collects, sorts, compiles, sends and stores various data to the government for example the number of births and deaths in the hospital for their registrations in the census, service workload among others. The medical records also assist in offering valuable information in legal proceedings as proof of treatment. The medical records department is equipped with experienced Health Records Information officers who are well versed with computers and the filing and retrieval systems of the hospital. The department is led by the virtues of integrity, privacy and confidentiality of all the information collected and stored in the department and thus the goal of the department is to maintain safe storage of patients records by maintaining privacy and confidentiality of all the patient information.

Services Offered…

  1. Registering and booking appointment for patients to clinics and consultants.
  2. storing and retrieving medical records documents.
  3. Preparing clinics.
  4. Updating bed bureau.
  5. Editing of patient case records.
  6. Coding and Indexing
  7. Admission and discharges.
  8. Medico legal aspects.
  9. Hospital statistics.
  10. Printing and stationery.
  11. Medical Reports
  12. Analysis of medical data.
  13. Monitoring & Evaluation of Health information system.
  14. Birth and Death Registration.
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