Inpatient Department

The Internal Medicine service sees between 30-40 adult patients daily. Most common diagnoses include HIV and other infectious diseases (e.g., pneumonia, meningitis, kidney infections, cellulitis) and cardiovascular disease (e.g., strokes and heart disease). Its doctors often consult and co-manage patients on the general surgery, neurosurgery and orthopedic services who have poorly controlled hypertension and diabetes.

Internal Medicine strives to provide affordable care for patients who come from all over East Africa. Approximately 10-15% of patients come from the Horn of Africa. In addition to the Clinical Services provided to those with serious medical problems requiring hospitalization, this department is highly committed to education and training of Kenyan health care professionals.

It also receives medical students as well as residents in Family Medicine and Internal Medicine from the U.S and other international medical schools who are on their elective rotations. Our training includes bedside teaching as well as a twice-weekly Core Internal Medicine Lecture Series. In addition we strive to model and mentor Christian discipleship, instilling in our trainees hearts of compassion and service.

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