Health care In Kenya

As a county referral hospital, the hospital is expected to provide quality and efficient specialized services to its clients. At the same time, the hospital will continue providing primary health care services to its neighborhood community. In support of primary health care, the hospital will also continue undertaking outreaches. The hospital commits to:

  • Continue providing existing specialized clinical services
  • Expansion of existing sub-specialist services
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  2. Introduce sports orthopedics and traumatology services
  • Scale up theatre services
  1. Scale up diagnostic services ( laboratory and radiology)
  • Increase specialist services menu to increase access and quality to advanced healthcare. The services to be introduced during the plan period are:
  1. Hormonal testing services
  2. Renal dialysis
  • MRI and CT Scan services
  • Oncology
  1. Oxygen supply to neighboring facilities
  2. Intensive Care Unit
  3. Provide sub specialized physiotherapy services
  • Establish occupational and speech therapy services
  • Introduce therapeutic drug monitoring services
  • Embed quality improvement across all hospital activities by meeting or exceeding metrics set by the county government and national government and implementing initiatives aimed at improving patient safety and overall experience
  • Developing partnerships with other health care institutions to improve patients transition
  • Tweets