History, Mission & Vision


Started as a dispensary in 1924.
Elevated to a health center in 1935.
Sub-district hospital (SDH) in 1941. It had a one 30 bed ward and the first medical officer of health was posted to the institution.
Became a district hospital in 1960 and by 1984 it had a capacity of 166 beds.
A major expansion program was started by the government in 1984 to upgrade the hospital to a provincial general hospital.
In 1985 the Nyayo wards were completed (144 bed capacity)
In 1987 the new kitchen and laundry were completed
In 1991 – An eye unit which comprises an outpatient, theatre and a 22 bed ward was completed. Plan International Embu contributed about 50% of the total cost of the project.
In 1993 – A psychiatric unit with 20 beds was completed.
In 1993 – An 84 cot children’s ward was completed and equipped fully in partnership with Plan International – Embu.
At the end of 1995 a maternity unit of 148 beds and 40 cots with an operation theatre was completed. It was occupied on 22nd February 1996. This project was funded by Plan International Embu at an approximate cost of Ksh.54 million. Plan International Embu also equipped the unit fully.


Vision A regional teaching referral hospital of excellence in health care delivery and training of healthcare professionals

 Guided by our

Core Values
We value quality in care, work life, and education
We promote team spirit and at the same time seek to reward individual effort
We are open to all our stakeholders in carrying out our activities
We mind the wellbeing of our clients and treat them with utmost care, respect and sensitivity
We uphold the highest standards of professional ethics and integrity in assuring our clients quality services
We strengthen internal collaboration, and community , county and national partnerships
Core   Services
Human Resource Infrastructure and Equipment Fundraising Institutional Development
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