Embu General Provincial Hospital physiotherapy department is dedicated to restoring, maintaining, and promoting the best physical function possible. Its staff diagnoses and treats movement dysfunction. The role of the department is to prevent development and progression of functional limitations and physical disabilities caused by disease, trauma, and medical conditions or disorders.

The department is made up of 4 physiotherapists, and 2 physiotherapy assistants, who see between 900-1,100 patients every month.

Patients are seen from plastics’ clinic on Tuesdays where hand splints are made and hand therapy is provided. Physiotherapy assistants cast fractured bones on Wednesdays during orthopedic clinic and the physiotherapists provide exercises for a large population of patients with low back pain and other musculoskeletal disorders. Outpatients are scheduled for follow-up care. Friday is pediatric outpatient day with a steady stream of developmentally delayed children presenting with neurological disorders as well as nutritional rickets.

The physiotherapy team also treats a large inpatient population. Chest physio and exercise is performed in Kijabe’s 5-bed ICU, and in the three High Dependency Units on male, female, and pediatric wards. The team also treats many patients in nursery for feeding issues, chest physio, and positioning. In private ward the physiotherapists see patients with joint replacements and various other medical conditions requiring physical rehabilitation.

Physiotherapy interventions that this department provides include functional training, modification of work environment, therapeutic exercise, airway clearance, splint fabrication, manual therapy, equipment prescription, skin care for burns, and physical agents such as ultrasound and electrotherapy for pain reduction.

The goal is not to just treat physical limitations but to provide encouragement and expertise in this area while seeing patients as whole persons who have spiritual and emotional needs as well. This department desires to provide treatment for healing hearts and spirits as well as bones and muscles.

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